Rachel Bird - Ruby on Rails Developer

I am a recent graduate of Bloc.io's Full Stack Web Development Boot Camp. I've been working on websites for over a decade, and am looking forward to my first job as a Rails Developer.

I've studied Ruby and Python, and have CS skills through programs with Coursera, CodeSchool and TeamTreehouse. I've most recently begun learning AngularJS, and it's going rapidly because of my familiarity with JavaScript.

See below for examples of my work and stay in touch with my contact form. Thanks for stopping by!


Non-Office Jobs

NonOfficeJobs features Markdown-powered job wikis, sorted by category. Users can post (with images) and comment on them, as well as favorite jobs and posts. Users can view their activity feeds on their profile pages, and follow other users. Users can also create job listings for existing opportunities, list brainstorms for ideas they have of work that needs to be done in the world, and offer job mentorships for other users.


With help of small team, created and updated informative and up-to-the-minute blog on Argentina’s #1 men’s professional tennis player, Juan Martin del Potro (#4 worldwide at the time). Within three months had all-access press pass to cover his tournament where he was defending his title against Roger Federer in Switzerland, which he won. Unfortunately, he's been injured, so posts have temporarily ceased.

Bloc.io Projects

See my GitHub account for my Bloc projects: rachel-rocks-at-ruby.

Through these projects, I learned a ton like how to use MySQL and PostgreSQL, how to deploy to Heroku, how to use Devise for authentication, how to create my own Rake tasks, how to set policies for authorization, how to use Amazon Web Services (AWS), and how to accept payments with Stripe.



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