Weekend update

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That being said, let’s enjoy this weekend’s results.

Robredo and Fognini in Umag
Tommy Robredo beat Fabio Fognini to win Umag: 6-0, 6-3.

And you know what? I’m still not clear on where Umag is. But if Tommy and Fabio were there, I prob would go. (Is it Mars? Cause I get motion sick…)


And Big John Acener finally pulled off Atlanta by beating Kevin Anderson 6-7(3), 7-6(2), 7-6(2)! Good lord, it was such a happy moment. His third final in Atlanta, and his college coach from University of Georgia was there to see him get the championship. Isner wins Atlanta

He was pretty tired when it came down to the third set tiebreak. I mean, first off, this kid is probably still tired from Wimbledon three years ago. Then the two trees had to play, like, the longest three set match in the history of the world.

But seriously, it was a noteworthy match in a ton of ways. Get the details from the ATP directly.

And then there was Gstaad, and supposedly Youzhny won, but let’s ask the important question:

If Roger Federer isn’t in the tournament anymore and somebody “wins it”, was there really a tournament at all?

Also, why did I think Youzhny was German? It’s like I just believe whatever I want to believe.

Roger Farmerer



Roger’s trip to Switzerland started off innocently enough. Here he is looking sexy and like he’s ready to start a dating profile.





It is kinda weird that the GOAT is deigning to play Gstaad, but hey, they love him there. He’s got Swiss pride.



Does that picture make you a little suspicious? If you know Roger, you’re probably thinking, “What’s up with the plaid? You look good, but what are you doing?”

Well, he’s wearing his “I’m receiving a cow” garb, which is only logical, because he received a cow.


Meet the clearly embarrassed Desiree, who hasn’t had enough time yet to ponder, “What the hell is going to happen to me? This guy is on the road like, 11.5 months of the year.”

All she’s had time to consider is her silly hat.



Oh, he’s busy parading around with Desiree. Standy by.

Roger! What are you going to do with your lovely new bovine?


I’m going to take that as, “Mirka will figure it out. But the twins are gonna ride her first.” (And happy fourth birthday to them.)



Here Roger tries out his charm on Desiree, and tells her about the fun game they’re going to play where she puts a bottle on her head, and then he hits a serve so precisely that he knocks it clear off.


But seriously, he did assure us, “She won’t be in my trophy room that’s for sure. We’ll find a good solution. She needs a nice place and enough to eat.”

Then he went off to roll like King Vesterer rolls: signing things and kissing babies.


Roger won in Hamburg today

This should not be interesting. It was a second round ATP 500 match against Daniel Brands (who is good at tennis! but obviously more of a student of Rogi’s than a peer).

Unfortunately, it was an interesting match because Roger dropped the first set AND because everyone seemed to be going bonkers about the christening of his new racket.

Well, whatever. He won it 3-6, 6-3, 6-2 and Daniel got a cake (not in the face like I was hoping) to celebrate his birthday in his home country. The old German fart is 26!

Here’s Roger discussing his new racket.
Federer discusses his new racket from Jan-Willem de Lange on Vimeo.

There’s no addressing the main issue: with Roger being so old now, he needs a bigger racket head so he has a better chance of hitting the ball. (Wilson is also working on goggles for Federer which will give him super-human vision, because clearly all his senses are on a speedy decline.*)

Here’s an article from the ATP about Rogi’s new racket.

If you need to follow Roger’s racket on Twitter, here ya go:


Rogi’s new racket

Lately the Federer family has been abuzz about Roger’s racket change. (I’m going to spell it in the American way, r-a-c-k-e-t, and I feel crass for that, but I’m American so I have to accept my crass nature.)

Hamburg racket change

Roger Federer practices in Hamburg, Germany. Picture courtesy of Roger Federer. (Thanks, buddy.)

From the image Roger posted on his Facebook, we weren’t sure what was up. And his typically Swiss comment was no help:

I’m really happy to be back in Hamburg. Just finished my practice and now going to have a relaxing evening!

What does that mean!? Should we just take it at face value?! This guy is impossible.

Obviously we assaulted him with questions on Twitter, but it appears he has a life beyond the Internet, so no response yet.

Being a responsible journalist, I asked my friend Javier, the lord of TennisThis.com, to weigh in. He said this:

The only confirmation is that Fed is playing with a 98 square inch head racquet. <–purist spelling

Okay, great. We have to wait until tomorrow to find out if this is actually the racket he’s using. That’s like, hours from now.

But read Javier’s article for more speculation and seemingly authoritative info!

Tennis music!

Arya Tabrizi, tennis fan and friend over in Manchester, England, turned me on to some great tennis music this week.

Binge, a Boston rock group who formed in 1994, put together an album called Tennis Tunes. It features:

1. Grand Slam Man (Roger Federer)
2. Vamos Rafa
3. Hey, Hey…It’s Andy Roddick
4. Maria Sharapova
(Maria Sharapova uses the HEAD YouTek Graphene Instinct MP Tennis Racquet)
5. Martina Bambina
6. C’mon Lleyton Hewitt

It’s a riot and a blast. I seriously suggest you check it out!

And here’s some video fun. (Thank you, Stephen!)
(Roger Federer uses the Wilson Blade 98 16×19 Tennis Racquet – the new weapon!)

Music Video for Hey, Hey…It’s Andy Rock
(embedding was disabled on YouTube for this one)