Rachel Bird - Ruby on Rails Developer

I recently completed an online full-stack web development boot camp in Ruby on Rails, and am excited to be changing careers to tech. I love talking about coding @codinglady.

I'm also a sports journalist and tennis lover. I have a Twitter account that follows the pro tennis tour @thesportbird. Since I can't watch those athletes without wanting to be in great shape too, I do distance running and have completed more half-marathons than I can count. To cool down, I play piano, mostly pop these days, that way I can sing all I want! It's been awhile since I wrote a book, so I'm getting started writing one about life as a developer. If it's anything like the previous novels, it's going to be hilarious and set in Los Angeles. This may sound like a lot, but for me, it's just normal. I have great time management skills, and believe that life is for the liver of it (not the kidneys). There's still plenty of time to code!


Jackhuahua: a ​community where users share their Jack Russell/Chihuahua mixes predominantly through photo galleries.
Code on GitHub | Deployed

Non­-Office Jobs: a ​community where users discuss non­-office jobs, find job mentors, and peruse non-­office job listings.
Code on GitHub | Deployed

Blocitoff:​ users create self­-destructing to­do lists that use a rake task to destroy to­dos if they are not marked complete after seven days. Code on GitHub | Deployed

Rachipedia: a Wikipedia clone that accepts Stripe payments for account upgrades. Code on GitHub | Deployed

Rachelmarks:​ social bookmarking with email integration using Mailgun, Omni­auth for Facebook login, and Embedly for URL previews. Code on GitHub | Deployed


I started my Bachelor's in philosophy at UC Santa Barbara at age 16 when I was still in high school, and graduated at age 20 with some grad work done. I got a 4.0 GPA at a study abroad program at Cambridge University where I earned 20 upper-division quarter units in 2 months. I was also voted funniest person in the program during an impromptu vote in the lunch line.

I started a Master's program in Tibetan Buddhism at Maitripa College in Portland, Oregon. A total newbie, I enrolled in a Classical Tibetan language intensive over a summer, and went from the beginning to advanced class in eight weeks. I eventually left the program to become a web developer. But I'll still write your name in phonetic Tibetan anytime!

I enrolled in Bloc's online full-stack web development boot camp when I was fully employed. Halfway through I committed to becoming a web developer, left my job, and finished the program from Crete in Greece. I got to winter in one of the greatest places in the world while I was in school. Opa!


Ruby on Rails | Ruby | Python | jQuery | HTML | CSS | sqlite3 | PostgreSQL | Heroku | Git | GitHub | AWS



Since Jackhuahua is a long-time site I've had that people actually use, I decided to make it a Rails app so these dog owners could create their own accounts and photo galleries. The site is fully responsive and features multiple image uploads. Users can also friend each other, favorite galleries and post in the forums. I used a Bootstrap theme for styling.

Non-Office Jobs

Non-Office Jobs features Markdown-powered job wikis, sorted by category. Users can post (with images) and comment on them, as well as favorite jobs and posts. Users can view their activity feeds on their profile pages, and follow other users. Users can also create job listings for existing opportunities, list brainstorms for ideas they have of work that needs to be done in the world, and offer job mentorships for other users.


With help of small team, created and updated informative and up-to-the-minute blog on Argentina’s #1 men’s professional tennis player, Juan Martin del Potro (#4 worldwide at the time). Within three months had all-access press pass to cover his tournament where he was defending his title against Roger Federer in Switzerland, which he won. Unfortunately, he's been injured, so posts have temporarily ceased.



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